Monday, June 8, 2009

Twins Reunited After Birth

                           "We. are. not. dead. robots.4

Charlie is actually almost 5 months older than Noah and a little taller but Noah has bigger feet so it all evens out.  

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shark Tooth Fanatic

We discovered Westmoreland state park on a homeschool field trip last year. It has a small beach on the Potomac river that was once an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean. 

 Apparently whales would go there to have their babies and sharks would follow to eat them.  The beach is full of fossilized shark teeth and tons of other fossilized organic things (like shells, sting ray teeth and whale poop-which is actually really pretty and can be used to make jewelry). We only found a few very small teeth with our homeschool group but that was enough to temp Zac and we have since become addicted. On our last camping trip we found approximately 30 shark teeth.  The boys also found three snakes and a couple of turtles. You really cant get better than that.

Mom in training

Hannah has such a strong mothering instinct. She loves babies, she loves doing anything I normally do. She wanted vacuum by herself but had to be holding her doll while she did it. Where did that come from? One day she even told Charlie that he couldn't help wash the windows because it is, "only for girls." I immediately corrected her and promised myself that I would make sure that she sees me do non-housewife things more often. It is so fun to have a little girl, we really are very different from boys!

Sweet Musicians


Monday night London and Mason had their first homeschool orchestra concert, London plays violin and Mason plays cello. Mema and Poppy, Chas, Lacy and Olive, Craig, Taralyn, Suede and even baby Ellis came to watch. The boys were both in the back so we couldn't really see them but I know that they did great. After the concert Mason said, "It was so cool to listen to the music and know that I was making part of it." London said, "Being on the stage and in the middle of everyone sounded like I was listening to my ipod with headphones." They are both excited to do it again in the fall.